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Friday, 11 March 2011


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Todays post is all about this Japanese band, they are called Versailles also known as Versailles - Philharmonic Quintet in the United States.
Their Rococo influenced clothes mixed with the powerful sound of metal music gives this band an unusual twist that would capture anyone willing to listen and watch.
They made their first appearances in 2008 in Europe and the United States, after their actual first appearance on the music/entertainment market two years prior.

Band Members:
Kamijo - Vocals (2007 - present)
Hizaki - Guitar and backing vocals (2007 - present)
Teru - Guitar and backing vocals (2007 - present)
Masashi - Bass (2010 - present)
Yuki - Drums (2007 - present)
Former Member:
Jasmine You - Bass (2007 - 2009) (Deceased)

In January this year, they are currently starring in a TV Drama called 'Onegai Kanate Vesailles' translated means 'Fulfill My Wish Versailles'. This will be aired until March.

So if your interested, go check them out.... they worth listening too.

*Just a note:
I'm sure EVERYONE has heard by now about the terrible earthquake of 8.9 and the 10 metre Tsunami that hit Japan at 8:07am today. I just want to end off this post by saying that alot of us are thinking and praying for all those poor families during this time of tragedy.

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