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The UnderTaker
The UnderTaker

Thursday, 10 March 2011

BIGBANG Featured in ELLE

I just found this pic while browsing the web and found that they were actually featured in the Korean ELLE Magazine for their amazing style.... and hotness. (I would put the actual feature in but it's all in Korean)
Did you know that G-Dragon aka Kwon Ji-Yong was awarded the honour of being called the 'Style Icon of 2008' and 'Most Influential Men of 2008', and  even fashion icon Kang Dong Wan called him a 'Fashionista'.
Well i'm impressed, no wonder i like these guys so much.
I must admit i have listened to other korean/asian bands and i havn't found one that has the same amazing magnatism during a preformance as i have seen with these guys.... they truelly know how to bring each of their styles and personalities out for everyone to experience and enjoy.
Hope you all enjoy them.

Till later
The UnderTaker

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