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The UnderTaker
The UnderTaker

Saturday, 11 February 2012

In and Out the BOX

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Todays topic is about traveling out of our comfort zones then turning around and running right back to our happy little corner, safe from any responsibility we may have to take on, safe from any risk we could take, safe from actually living an incredabe life.

I went out yesterday to a friends farewell picnic and before I went I was super scared and didn't want to go, why?
Because I only knew a couple of people that were going to this farewell. So I was really scared of making a fool of myself. But after the first introductions I settled in quite comfortably and began to open up.

This just shows that FEAR can hit you at any time and cripple you into not doing what you would really like to do. If I had decided not to go, I wouldn't have met new people with amazing stories, I would have sat at home surfing the internet. I wouldn't have had so much fun.
So I think we should all make a habit of doing something different or a little bit scary at least once a day.
Who knows, it could just change your life. ;)

Until Next Time...
The UnderTaker