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The UnderTaker
The UnderTaker

Saturday, 5 March 2011

New Beginings

Hey all you Bloggers out there!!!

This is my first blog, am i'm super excited!!!
My blog will experience some changes over the next couple of months but it will still be the same content. Please just bear with me... thanks.
Just a note, The image displayed on the top of my blog is a 'This Weeks Featured' Spot where i put a pic up for a week of either a local or international band/streetstyle/fashion designer. So if your interested in having something of yours featured on my blog please just email me.
If you have any advice for me then please email me.

I hope to post atleast once a day. So dont forget to check out my blog everyday.

Thanks all
The Undertaker


  1. Love love it! looking forward to following.

  2. Thanks.... I hope not to disappoint. I wasn't able to go into your blog by the way, what's yours about?